Custom circuit boards, speaker, plastic case, solar cells, custom carrying case. 
Each unit approximately 10"x3"x2.5".
Case is 14"x11"x3.5"

This piece is a custom “product” consisting of three wedge shaped devices that slot into a metal traveling case. To employ this toolkit, a user places the devices in his/her environment. As they gather enough energy from the light in the room, they speak, typically every 15 seconds to a few minutes in a normal room. Each object can whisper one word: "Yes", "No" or "Maybe". The net effect is an environment with occasional subtle whispers, supporting the user in whatever decision s/he is making, or not making.

Where other electronic items last only a few years and then end up in a landfill, this piece is designed to last for many decades with no maintenance whatsoever. Where a typical electronic device needs to be constantly recharged, Yes/No/Maybe grabs its power for whatever light it can find and is never plugged into the wall. The piece can’t even be turned off: Once the final solder joint is made in each unit, they simply function whenever there is some light. Finally, unlike a typical consumer product, this work is open to (and designed for) ambiguity, speculation and doubt.