Thermal receipt printers, paper, computer, custom software.
Paper slips are 3 inches wide, variable length.
Installation dimensions variable.

Want (continuous) is about our unceasing desires for such things as love, health, possessions and security. This work collects information from three online databases: one of posted personal ads, the second of patients seeking organs for transplant and the third of posted prayers.

Every 20 seconds, one piece of data is selected from each of the three databases, printed onto a small slip of paper, and released from the ceiling to fall to the floor below. Much like our desires, the three slips of paper are bright, attractive and elusive for the few seconds they pass in front of us. And then they are mostly gone, merged with one of the ever-growing piles on the floor. Of course, in a few more seconds, they will be replaced with some new slips fluttering from the ceiling and attracting attention.

The paper slips gradually cover the floor and overflow the gallery during the weeks that the piece runs. Visitors are free to read or even take the slips of paper.