TRAVELER <Work in Progress>

Boulder, custom networked winches, computer software
Installation Dimensions Variable

A locally procured boulder is placed in the installation space and has discrete metal anchors placed into it.  Ropes, attached to custom winches, are connected to the anchors. The winches move the boulder very slowly through the space. The boulder moves at about 3-4 inches per minute with the sound of the boulder scraping against the floor being prominent (there is a strong sound component to this piece). Over the weeks that the piece runs, sand and pebbles are produced by the erosion of the boulder against the floor, along with a track from the boulder's motions.

The piece is installed as a site specific installation and can be placed inside or outside. Two or four winches can be installed. With two winches, the boulder will move in a line. With four winches, the boulder will be able to move freely around the installation space. Winches may be installed at the ground level or on the wall. The work requires either a simple false floor or a floor that can be scraped some.

Traveler suggests such things as tectonics, the slow grinding motion of glaciers, and the Japanese rock garden.