Motors, metal, plastic, empty gas cylinders, 
light, water, pump, custom electronics.

Installation dimensions variable

Walking into this installation, you enter into some kind of mechanism, engaged in an unknown and ceaseless process. 
It moves along methodically, unhurried and precise. 
There is a sound and then the lack of sound, and you become aware of your hearing. There is light and then there is complete darkness. A few chairs offer a place to sit. For the viewer, this mechanism becomes a laboratory, a machine, for distilling their attention.

Additional Details and Description:
Four separate "events" are happening in a medium to large sized room. 
1. A device on the wall is dropping small empty gas cylinders onto the floor
2. A light mounted on the floor in the center of the room and pointing straight up comes on for a few seconds and then shuts off.
3. A small spray head, mounted in the ceiling above the light, emits a jet of mist towards the light.
4. A bell rings in the distance (outside of the room).

Each event happens periodically, separate from the others. For instance, event#1 happens every 33seconds, event#2 happens every 37seconds, etc. Thus, the events are constantly changing their temporal relationship to each other. Besides the installation, the room is otherwise empty, dark and completely silent.