Motors, plastic, aluminum, custom electronics.
Visible portion of model is 21" x 21" x 9"

This video shows the model operating at 600 times the intended rate (1 second of video equals 10 minutes of "real" time). The video covers a sample 5-day long choreography.

25 Columns is a 1/20th scale model of an outdoor, public sculpture. If it were built, each granite column would be three feet square and able to rise fifteen feet out of the ground. The motion of each column would be imperceptible and silent. A choreographer would design a performance (perhaps several months long) for the sculpture specifying the column, time, speed and distance for each "move" and a computer would then execute these moves.

This piece is intended for a very high traffic area in a large city. People would see it on the way to work, during their day and on the way home. Each viewing would present a new sculpture to the viewer: a different way of configuring the space that it occupies and a different way of manipulating the light, both natural and artificial. This sculpture is thus intended to stay visible to the local population, rather than fading into the background (as public art tends to do).